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Natacha Tormey



Only one life is given to each soul

Only one life to live our deepest goals

Only one life, thus utterly frail

Only one ocean on which we sail

Have you ever, even once, pondered long

On the fragile notes of life’s joyous song

And have you ever once realised

It may be the last look in their eyes

That those words you say

Could be the last, as could be each day

That the touch you gave

Could soon be a memory to save

That in the sudden morrow

You could be flying high with the swallows

That the one you dearly loved

Could disappear, swiftly gone with the doves

That your love could soon be past

That today could be…your last

Only one life to live

Only one life to give

Only this one life to love

Till we pass to life above

Only one mortal life here with you

Only one life to say…I love you


Brother, I am bleeding

From wounds so deep caused on that day

Brother, I am pleading

Come back and make things all okay

The children we never were

The fun we never had

The love we lacked so sorely

The dark when things got bad

The solitude and silence

Young bodies broken and souls oppressed

By the tyranny and violence

And other moments that our minds repressed

Brother, we are nameless

Without a land to call our home

A hidden past and false appearance

Lost in the world through which we roam

Put your arms around my shoulder

If we’re together we can survive

Our bond only thickens as we get older

Near or far; dead or alive

They could take our innocence

And still pass as blameless

They could take our identities

And leave us nameless

But they couldn’t change our blood

That was our shield and our remedy

Through it all, we had each other

And always will, for eternity

To Marc


I played the game too many times

I fought to keep some sense of rhyme

I begged, I cried, I died inside

Sick of all the useless rides

Then you came into my destiny

And I realised how it should be

You made me laugh again and sing

You touched my heart and gave me wings

You believed in my dreams

You could see into my soul

Like a radiant beam

You made me whole

God knows my heart is true

All I want is a life with you!

I would give up my possessions

And stifle my obsessions

I need nothing if you are near me

No lovers, no friends, no family

You are all that and more to me

My strength, my air, my sanity

My Love, you are my everything

Such joy, to my life you bring

I love when you hold me

And the sound of your heart beating

I love when you touch me

And make my life worth living

Mon Cheri, Mon Ange, Mon Amour

Let me spend my life with you!

Dedicated to my darling husband


Through the moon, I feel your gaze

Through the stars, the rays in your eyes

Through the darkness, I feel your depth

In the silence, I hear you sigh

The shades of dusk portray your heart

In the setting sun, your smile plays

Through the autumn tones, I feel your embrace

And in the falling leaves, the words you say

Through the melting candle, I feel your warmth

Through the fire, simmers the flame of your soul

The tempest flares paint the force of your strength

And the mountain peaks sing your deepest goals

In the breeze I hear you whisper

I hear your voice in the quiet streams

In the rain, I can feel your softest pains

And in the mist, I discover your dreams

In the violin’s strokes, I ache for your touch

Through the softest sax, your lips caress me

With sonatas your hands wrap my body

And amidst the msytic flute…you take me


It has been years, too many years

Too many memories and fears

I was a girl, so zealous with no cares

When I last saw the sun set on Saint Pierre

I left the haven and felt the pain

Cried bitter tears, then cursed the rain

I've screamed with hatred, my heart was taken

Death stole from me, my life was shaken

I've felt desire, and obsession

The thrills of love, and possession

I've seen that life can be as cruel as fair

Since I last saw the sun set on Saint Pierre

Now I return, its like deja vu

Each scent, each view, the same so true

Even the way the dusk lingers till dim

The way every moment reflects him

Memories too strong yet ever dear

I feel his presence ever near

Its all the same, he's still standing there

Like the last time the sun set on Saint Pierre


Just to find a love that’s been lost afar

I would plunge into the deepest of seas

I would sign a pledge with a heathen god

And I’d defy impossibilities

I’d tear my feet forging the mounts

I’d wander on a distant star

I’d cry tears the depth of an ocean wide

I’d travel to a galaxy afar

I’d slave under whips for eternity

I’d face the frost of Antarctica bare

I’d endure the pain of a million deaths

Only if it meant that you would be there

For you I would bare any pain

I’d embrace the deepest heart aches

And let my tears flow with the rain

My love, if that’s the price it takes


You are Immortal...

Through my memories

Through each tear I’ve cried

Through each dark moment

When I felt as if I too, had died

You are Immortal...

Through each song you sang with gusto

Through your laugh that still rings in my ears

Through the depth of your words

And the compassion of your tears

It has been ten years...

Since you flew back to your real home

A splintered soul in a world of attitude

You were never ours, but on loan

As an angel sent for an interlude

And just for you...

I will succeed to make you proud

In life, in love & artistically

I’ll live the moments you never lived

Knowing you are living them with m

And just for you...

I have turned my tears into diamond gems

And have turned my pain into gratitude

For I am blessed to have been in your life

If only...for an interlude.

To Marc


Will the cries of the night ever cease?

Will the willows calm their wails?

Will the wind ever appease?

Or will I be obliged in peace, to fail?

Will the moon ever calm its cry?

Will the swallows ever rest their tears?

Will the doves ever learn to fly?

Or must I live with these swirling fears?

Night after night and each day by day

All I achieve is turmoil’s and fire

Tear after tear falls as I pray

Let my pleas reach even higher

Oh if only I could enjoy

Just a moment of mental calm

Oh let my heart seek only joy

Before I rise to face the dawn

Passions of turmoil reach my mind

Troublesome, yet luring to the eyes

Turmoil’s of things to come and find

Turmoil’s of truths, of dreams and of lies


Across the moan of the raging sea

Beyond the range of the eastern stars

Softly, I called out to thee

But alas, was your spirit too far?

Did you not hear my desirous pleas?

In the midst of this silent night

Persistently I called out to thee

So I did till the break of light

“My love, please come back to me”

All in a whisper was my plea

Now once again I search the night

Midst the shadows of my captured heart

My thoughts of passion take up flight

Through a mist of dreams, never to part

Alone my body touches the sky

And my eyes make sweet love to the moon

My lips kiss a whisper to the stars a high

May it reach your soul ever so soon

“My Angel, I desire thee”

All in a whisper was my plea


I strolled the sand, I smelt the musk

Wishing you’d love me just once more

I saw the dawn, and then the dusk

But it was you I waited for

The silence of the setting day

The harmonies of the wild waves

The rays of gold that shone my way

But it was your lips that I craved

I cried to the wind, I plead to the sky

“Tell me where he lies before you part”

And in tender whispers they did reply

“Thus he lies, in the depths of your heart”

I kissed the sun and set to find

The one I had always dreamed of

I met him there in the depths of my mind

That day I met eternal love